Rapideau Raft whose head office is located at La Fresquière – 04340 MEOLANS REVEL

Siret: 41195404300013 APE: 8551Z

Acting through its legal representative: Mr. Yann LEPRETRE, the manager

Youth & sport approval N° 00497ED0584


By the present articles below, people wishing to do outdoor and white water activities, sports and leisure consent and accept the following general conditions:



The participant must ensure that they are in sufficient physical condition, be in good health and have no medical contraindications to the practice of white water sports and outdoor sports.

The regulations, related to white water sports, impose and stipulate to be able to swim at least 50m and know how to immerse yourself under water. A specific derogation and under the responsibility of a responsible and/or qualified adult is provided for children over 4 years old wishing to do the activity.



2 – 1 Opening dates

The "Rapid'Eau Park" leisure base under the names of "Rapid'Eau Raft" and "Aventura Park" is open from Spring school holidays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., in summer from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. All Saints' Day schools.


2 – 2 Duration of Activities

The durations of the activities vary according to the categories:


2 – 2.1 Whitewater activities

An appointment will be fixed according to the schedule of the moment.

On your arrival, after the administrative confirmation of articles 1 and 3 of the T&Cs of Rapid'Eau Park at the reception, you will be invited to equip yourself for the white water activity then invite you to take the shuttle (Cf Art 2 -3.1) to take you to the boarding point of your boat (collective or individual).

On the water, the professional guide who accompanies you throughout the activity will take the time to inform and brief you.

All for a descent between 1h30/1h45 with playful and essential points of the river.


The whole between the equipment, the accompaniment to the boarding, the descent, the return to our base and the dis-equipment it takes a small half-day (2h30 to 3h).


2 – 2.2 Tree climbing activities

Without appointment, or with depending on the attendance of the park

After the administrative confirmation of the payment of the activity at the reception, you will be invited to equip yourself for the activity.

An operator will take the time to brief you on the safety instructions for moving at height and will remain at your disposal throughout the activity.

All of this activity depends on your ease in evolving on the slopes and on the courses and zip lines carried out.

Nevertheless on average it takes about 1h30 to 2h of activity


2 – 2.3 Mountain biking activities

By appointment, for supervised outings

A qualified operator will take the time to brief you on the equipment and safety instructions for moving on the trails and will remain by your side throughout the activity.

All of this activity depends on your choice and program of activities between ½ day or 1 day


Don't forget that the SNACK at our leisure base also offers your packed lunches (by reservation).


2 – 2.4 Orienteering activities (OC)


Without an appointment, or with depending on the number of people at the leisure center

An operator will take care of briefing you on the instructions and the objectives to carry out your race.

All of this activity depends on your ease in moving on the trails and solving the puzzles

Nevertheless on average, it takes approximately between 1h30 to 2h at least of activity up to half a day.

It is your responsibility to orient yourself and you must be able to return to base on your own by reading and understanding a topographical map.


The Rapid'Eau Park company reserves the right at any time; modify, move or cancel the dates and times of activities by appointment or in progress, depending on weather conditions unfavorable to the practice of these.

You will be offered a postponement of the activities to another appointment or, if necessary, the reimbursement of this one.


2 – 3 Support

Each activity is monitored, guided or supervised by state graduates and trained to ensure your safety

2 – 3.1 Whitewater activities

– Qualified guides with state certificate in white water

– Drivers with D license for shuttles from the leisure base to boarding then from landing to the base for the return.


2 – 3.2 Tree climbing activities

– Qualified operators CQP Operator of Acrobatic Course at Height


2 – 3.3 Mountain biking activities

– Qualified mid-mountain guide or equivalent diploma.




3 – 1 Down payment

A deposit equivalent to 30% of the total amount calculated on the service may be requested if the activity does not take place on the same day as the reservation.

It will be deducted from the remaining amount due, at the time of the balance of the agreed payment for the service.


3 – 2 The Deposit

A deposit will be required for the accommodation of the leisure base, the rental of mountain bikes or mountain bikes with electric assistance and for loan equipment for the CO...


3 – 3 Payment and Settlement of the balance

The balance is to be paid on arrival at the "Rapid'Eau Park" leisure center before the activity.

If this payment has already been made with one of our partners, at the Rioclar campsite or at the Barcelonnette office: Montagnes Ubaye; then it will be necessary to bring the reservation ticket which is proof of the good payment.

Consumption and additional services not mentioned will be paid directly at the cash desk at our reception on site at the leisure base or at the Rioclar campsite.


3 – 4 Method of payment

The balances of payments and payments of the amounts of the services, can be made by the following means of payment: Bank card, cash, transfer or secure CB, bank check and holiday voucher (ANCV).


3 – 5 Prices & other conditions

The Tariffs are displayed in accordance with trade regulations and include:

- Supervision by qualified and motivated guides, operators or guides

-Materials and equipment to standards and quality for the activities

-Transportation for whitewater activities and, if necessary, mountain biking




The supervising staff and the “Rapid'Eau Park” company each have Professional Civil Liability insurance, covering the various activities offered.

"Rapid'Eau Park" is a member of the SNGPCKDA (National Union of Professional Canoe Kayak Guides and Associated Disciplines)

The customer is responsible for all damages caused by him. He is invited to take out a holiday-type insurance contract for these various risks.




5-1 Retraction

For reservations made by mail, telephone, at the office of Montagnes Ubaye or by internet, the customer does not benefit from the withdrawal period, and this, in accordance with article L121-20-4 of the consumer code relating in particular to the services Services.


5 – 2 Cancellations

The activities offered by "Rapid'Eau Park" taking place in the heart of nature and in a natural environment,

The guides and the company are able to cancel, postpone or modify the routes of the planned activities.


5 – 2.1 Cancellation by the Customer

Any cancellation must be notified or communicated as soon as possible.

A Customer cancellation occurring 30 days before the date of the service, the deposit paid will be fully refunded

A Customer cancellation occurring between the 31st day and 8 days before the date of the service, the deposit paid will be cashed, not refunded and a postponement date will be proposed valid for a maximum of 1 year.

A Customer cancellation occurring less than 7 days up to 24 hours before the date of the service, the deposit paid will not be refunded.

A Customer cancellation occurring between 24 hours before and days of the service, the deposit paid will not be refunded and the total amount of the service may be requested in its entirety.


5 – 2.2 Cancellation by the Leisure Center

Depending on weather conditions, water levels or state of the circuits and trails, “Rapid'Eau Park” reserves the right to modify the routes, it must inform the customer as soon as possible.

A similar course ensuring the safety of the participants, will be proposed and carried out in the same playful and sporting conditions.

In case of postponement of activities, another appointment will be proposed and planned.

In the event of cancellation, another appointment date will be proposed, if it is impossible to honor the service if no agreement is found from one or the other party, the service will be fully refunded.

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