Outdoor activities in the Ubaye valley

Rapid'Eau Park invites you to explore a variety of outdoor activities designed for all ages and experience levels. These activities exploit the exceptional natural setting of the region. Discover our outdoor activities: adventure park, kid park, treasure hunts: the golden feather of Teotihuacán, orienteering & canyoning.

Discover our outdoor activities
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Discover our outdoor activities

Activities perfectly suited to enrich your stay in the Ubaye valley with unforgettable and stimulating experiences:

Adventure Pack formula

Enjoy a thrilling combination including a dynamic rafting trip followed by a full day in our adventure park. This formula is specially designed for those looking for total immersion in adventure, combining the physical challenges of the rapids and the acrobatic courses between the trees.

Canyoning at the Lauzet Canyon

Immerse yourself in an aquatic adventure where you will climb, jump and swim in one of the most beautiful canyons in the region. Guided by professionals, you will explore deep gorges and spectacular waterfalls, a guaranteed experience full of adrenaline and natural discoveries.

Adventure Park Adventure park in Ubaye

L'Adventure Park, located in the Rapid'Eau Park leisure center, offers an exciting aerial experience with four treetop adventure courses that test your agility and courage. Suitable for all ages with a minimum height of 140 cm for access, the park offers varied challenges, including giant zip lines, Nepalese bridges, and rock passages. It's a great way to discover Ubaye from a unique perspective, while engaging in fun and safe physical activities.

Kid Park Adventure park for children

THE Kid Park, designed for children with a minimum height of 90 cm, allows the youngest to experience their first treetop adventures. This course includes fun workshops such as rope bridges, adapted zip lines, and various obstacles that guarantee safety and fun. It's the perfect place to introduce children to the joys of outdoor adventure, while developing their coordination and confidence in a controlled and engaging environment.


Test your sense of direction and navigation skills. Armed with a map and compass, you must locate hidden markers across varied terrain, combining strategic thinking, physical endurance and the joy of discovery.

Treasure hunt and Little Explorers

Ideal for introducing young people to outdoor exploration, this activity combines fun and education. Children go on a treasure hunt, using clues to discover nature's secrets, while learning the importance of preserving the environment. Each activity is designed to provide not only entertainment but also an opportunity to learn and grow in contact with nature, under the supervision of experienced guides.