Your Itinerary for a Weekend of Emotions and Adventure in Ubaye

Discover all our options for a getaway full of adventure and sensations with Rapid'Eau Park

There Ubaye Valley offers a spectacular setting for nature and adventure enthusiasts. This valley, renowned for its unspoilt natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, is the ideal playground for a escape full of emotions and diversified activities.

Of the rafting descent on the tumultuous waters of the Ubayeclimbing high adventure courses, each activity is a promise of adventure and discovery. The valley also offers a tranquil setting for those looking to recharge their batteries away from the daily hustle and bustle, with accommodation options which immerse you directly in the tranquility of mountain nature.

Commit to a weekend where every moment is designed to elevate your outdoor experience to the next level, with activities that challenge the body and stimulate the mind, while respecting a naturally rich environment and diverse. Rapid’Eau Park, located in the heart of this valley, is your guide on this adventure, offering exclusive access to the best experiences in the region.

Prepare your arrival at Rapid’Eau Park

Start your adventure in Ubaye with a picturesque journey, crossing the varied landscapes of Alpes de Haute Provence. You will be greeted by the spectacular view of the green-shrouded mountains and meandering rivers that characterize this stunning region. Your arrival in the Ubaye valley will be marked in particular by panoramic views of the magnificent Serre Ponçon lake ! To find us, you can follow the road directions to Méolans Revel, following the direction of Ubaye then Barcelonnette, or use your GPS by entering our address or by following this link.

When you arrive at Rapid'Eau Park, enjoy a hassle-free experience thanks to the multiple facilities offered. The park offers smooth online booking, allowing you to plan all your activities and accommodation in advance. Whether you are planning an intense weekend of adventure or a peaceful stay in nature, everything is done to make managing your visit as relaxing as the fresh mountain air.

Easy access to the Rapid'Eau Park leisure center, combined with simple booking options and practical advice available on our site, ensures that your only concern will be taking full advantage of the many activities on offer. Be sure to check travel recommendations and local weather forecasts to optimize your experience from the moment you arrive.

Whitewater activities not to be missed

Rapid'Eau Park offers a wide range ofwater activities which promise adventure and thrills in the heart of the Ubaye Valley. Each activity is designed to take advantage of dynamism and natural beauty of the Ubaye River, famous for its white waters ideal for rafting, THE kayak, and thehydrospeed.

THE rafting is the park's flagship activity, accessible from the age of four. Under the supervision of our experienced guides, visitors can navigate the rapids, discovering unique sensations while enjoying breathtaking mountainous landscapes. Options vary from family journey, which provides a smoother experience, for advanced courses, aimed at those looking for a more stimulating challenge.

THE kayak and the mini raft offer a more personal experience of the waters of Ubaye. These activities allow participants to steer their own craft, ideal for those looking to test their navigation skills in a dynamic and safe environment. More adventurous participants can opt for thehydrospeed, an activity that allows you to swim directly in the fast current of the river, equipped with a reinforced wetsuit, foam float and fins.

Each activity is supervised by qualified professionals, guaranteeing not only safety, but also an enriching and educational experience. Rapid'Eau Park is committed to providing high quality equipment and detailed safety briefings before each session, ensuring that each participant feels prepared and confident.

To choose the activity that best suits your level and your expectations, consult our site or speak directly with our advisors upon your arrival, or before, by telephone. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll find a water adventure suited to your taste for adrenaline and your love of nature.

For a worry-free adventure, it is recommended to book your descents in advance via the Rapid'Eau Park website, which guarantees your place and allows you to fully enjoy your day without unnecessary waiting.

The adventure course, Aventura Park

The Aventura Park of Rapid'Eau Park: Aventura Park constitutes a true aerial exploration in the heart of the Ubaye Valley. Designed to excite adventurers of all ages, the park offers a variety of courses that range from circuits suitable for the youngest, ensuring safety and fun. To more demanding courses for adults, which test agility and courage through suspension bridges, giant zip lines above the Ubaye and tarzan jumps.

This unique experience allows you to see the valley from a different perspective, offering panoramic views while navigating from one plateau to another by means fun and sporty. The facilities are designed to maximize participant safety while providing maximum thrills. In addition to individual courses, Adventure Park also organizes group challenges, perfect for team building or family outings.

Park operators are certified professionals who not only ensure the safety of participants, but also offer advice and encouragement, enriching everyone's experience.

Accommodation and dining options

During your stay at Rapid’Eau Park, discover a range of accommodation and dining options that combine comfort and proximity to activities. Whether you choose a perched bungalow Or a wooden chalet nestled near the river, each choice promises an immersive experience in the nature of Ubaye.

The bungalows, offering panoramic views of the valley, feature modern amenities while preserving a rustic charm. The cottage, more spacious, is ideal for families or groups, with equipped kitchens and comfortable living spaces. All accommodation is designed to respect the environment and blend harmoniously into the mountainous landscape.

On the catering plan, our snack: La Guinguette de l’Ubaye offers a variety of local and seasonal dishes, perfect for recharging your energies after a day of adventures. From gourmet burgers to vegetarian dishes, there is something for everyone. For a more personalized experience, packed lunches can be prepared upon request for your days out in the valley.

Every aspect of your stay is designed to enrich your experience, combining adventure and comfort with a touch of local gastronomy.

Plan a special event at Rapid'Eau Park

Rapid'Eau Park is both a place of adventure, but also a perfect destination for hosting special events such as birthdays, bachelor parties, Or business seminars. The park offers customizable packages that can be tailored to include a variety of activities, catering, and even accommodation.

Whether for a day of team building filled with sporting challenges or an intimate celebration in the middle of the mountains… The Rapid'Eau Park team is committed to creating tailor-made events that meet the specific needs of each group. With versatile facilities and a beautiful setting, the park is equipped to host events of all sizes, providing your guests with a memorable experience.

To simplify the organization of your event, it is recommended to contact the Rapid'Eau Park team well in advance to discuss options and book your desired dates.


By choosing Rapid'Eau Park for your adventure weekend in Ubaye, you are opting for an experience that combines sport, nature and relaxation in an exceptional setting. And, a fine organization managed by our services! Each activity, accommodation and service is designed to enrich your stay and leave you with lasting memories.

From the adrenaline of white water sports to the aerial challenges of the adventure park, including the tranquility of accommodation integrated into a natural environment, Rapid'Eau Park offers a range of diverse experiences to meet all expectations. Remember to book in advance to take full advantage of the many activities on offer and to ensure availability of accommodation and dining options.

Whether you come to thrill, explore, or simply recharge your batteries, Rapid'Eau Park promises a weekend of escape where every moment is an invitation to adventure and discovery.

Rapid'Eau Park offers various activities suitable for children, including, our Adventure Park – Kid Park where children can move from tree to tree on various workshops such as monkey bridges, creepers, and zip lines. There are also some educational treasure hunts and corientation bears adapted for young explorers​​. Finally rafting from 4 years old for little adventurers!

Méolans Revel is located between Barcelonnette and Lauzet in the Ubaye Valley, in the Alpes de Haute Provence. To access it, visitors can follow local driving directions or use navigation services by entering the park address into their GPS systems. Rapid'Eau Park is well signposted and accessible by the main roads in the region. We have a large shaded car park for you to park on site

Rapid'Eau Park offers atypical accommodation options, including perched bungalows which can accommodate up to 4 people, and the Nature Chalet that can accommodate up to 6 people. These accommodations offer modern amenities and panoramic views of the surrounding nature.

Yes, Rapid'Eau Park is equipped to organize various events such as birthdays, bachelor parties, and seminars. The park offers catering services and group activities that can be personalized to make each event special and memorable.

Safety is a top priority at Rapid'Eau Park. All white water activities, such as rafting, canyoning, and hydrospeed, are supervised by professional and experienced guides. Participants receive full safety equipment and detailed instructions before beginning activities to ensure their safety throughout the experience.

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