Guide to Local Flavors: Discover the Gastronomy of Ubaye

Discovery of Ubayan Gastronomy

Welcome to the Valley from Ubaye, where the richness of local gastronomy delights the palates of visitors and residents. In this guide, we invite you to explore the authentic flavors and culinary traditions of this picturesque region. From its rustic cheeses to its artisanal charcuterie, each mouthful tells the story of a rich and varied terroir.

The gastronomy of Ubaye is not simply limited to the quality of its products; it is a gateway to a profound cultural experience, where meals are transformed into moments of sharing and discovery. Follow us through local markets, authentic farms, and hidden restaurants where traditions are perpetuated and reinvented throughout the seasons.

Ubaye’s flagship products

The Ubaye Valley, with its alpine climate and vast pastures, offers a range of agricultural and artisanal products that stand out for their quality and authenticity. Let's discover together the gastronomic treasures that are the pride of this region.

Local cheeses

Visit the Ubaye Dairy Cooperative to discover cheeses such as tommes and fresh cheeses, all produced with milk from cows and goats raised in the mountains. This traditional cheese-making know-how, anchored in the traditions of the valley, offers unique flavors that you will not find anywhere else.

Cold meats and meats

Don't miss out on tasting the products of The Smokehouse, an artisanal delicatessen where ancestral methods of smoking and preparing meats give their products an incomparable taste. Each bite reflects respect for traditions and the quality of local ingredients.

There Butchery Charcuterie Fossati, managed by Mr. Jean Fossati, is located in Barcelonnette and is renowned for its commitment to local products. This butcher and delicatessen offers a varied selection of meats and cold cuts, as well as artisanally prepared ready meals. A meeting point for quality meat lovers who appreciate local know-how and products from local suppliers​

Fruits and vegetables

THE Fruits of the Pass, grown organically at high altitude, offer an explosion of fresh flavors. Their raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and blackberries are must-haves for lovers of pure and tasty fruit.

Traditional dishes from Ubaye

The culinary tradition of Ubaye is characterized by dishes that combine ancestral know-how and top quality local products. Here are some essentials to taste for a true immersion in the gastronomic culture of the region.

Ubaye pie

There Ubaye pie is an emblematic dish of the region, often garnished with potatoes, bacon and local cheese. This pie, with its crispy crust and generous filling, is a treat for lovers of rustic and authentic cuisine.

Herb ravioli

THE herb ravioli are another specialty of the valley, prepared with a blend of local cheeses and fresh herbs. They are often served with a buttery sauce and a shower of grated cheese, making them a comforting and tasty dish.

Trout from local rivers

There trout, caught in the clear rivers of Ubaye, is a must for lovers of fresh fish. It can be grilled, smoked or prepared in foil, accompanied by seasonal vegetables and aromatic herbs, thus offering a light and delicate culinary experience.

The best places to eat local

Exploring the gastronomic scene of Ubaye means visiting places where the essence of the region is highlighted through each dish. Here are some essential recommendations to make the most of the local cuisine.

Restaurants and Inns

Meet at Ubaïa in Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye for a real tasting of the culinary traditions of Ubaye. Known for its home-cooked meals and use of local ingredients, it is a favorite with locals and tourists alike.

Local markets

There House of Country Products in Jausiers offers direct access to the products of local artisans and farmers, ideal for those looking to bring a piece of Ubaye home.

Unique culinary experiences in Ubaye

The Ubaye Valley not only offers delicious produce and dishes, it also invites visitors to participate in enriching culinary experiences that allow you to delve into local culture in an interactive and memorable way.

Cooking classes with local chefs

Take part in a cooking class where local chefs will teach you how to prepare Ubaye specialties using market-fresh ingredients. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn the secrets of mountain cuisine and take some of the know-how home with you.

Farm visits and on-site tastings

Discover Dormillouse Farm, where you can tour the facilities, meet the farmers, and taste fresh products like pork directly on site. A true immersion in the Ubaye food production process.

Combination of gastronomy and outdoor activities

After a day of outdoor activities, what could be better than ending with a meal made from local produce? This combination offers a complete experience, combining the pleasure of the table with the pleasure of nature.


The Ubaye Valley offers a rich culinary experience that reflects the diversity and richness of its terroir. The local produce, traditional dishes, and unique culinary experiences offered here are not only gastronomic attractions, they are the heart of a proudly preserved culture.

When visiting Ubaye, you will not only discover breathtaking Alpine landscapes, but also a living culinary tradition that enchants all who taste it. We invite you to explore this magnificent region, to meet its passionate producers, and to let yourself be carried away by the authentic flavors of Ubaye.

In Ubaye, cheese lovers can enjoy unique cheeses like tommes and locally produced fresh cheeses. The Ubaye Dairy Cooperative is famous for its artisanal cheeses, representative of the Alpine region.

Ubaye charcuterie products are distinguished by traditional smoking and salting methods. Le Fumeton, for example, offers a range of smoked products prepared according to ancestral recipes, guaranteeing authentic and deep flavors.

The Ubaye pie and herb ravioli are a must. These dishes, prepared with local ingredients, offer a glimpse into the culinary traditions of the valley. Trout, often served at L'Ubaïa, is also a specialty not to be missed.

For an interactive culinary experience, cooking classes are offered by local chefs. These workshops allow you to learn how to prepare traditional Ubaye dishes with fresh and local ingredients, enriching your gastronomic experience.

L'Ubaïa in Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye is renowned for its authentic, homemade cuisine. The Maison des Produits de Pays de l'Ubaye in Jausiers is also a great place to taste artisanal and fresh products. These establishments are perfect examples where visitors can enjoy local gastronomy.

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